Dan + Emily || Wedding :: San Diego, CA

I met Dan a long time ago through a mutual friend, so I was so glad when he called me up and asked if I was available to shoot his wedding. Dan and Emily are a very sweet couple. I don't often shoot a wedding without an entire wedding party, but when I do, I always enjoy it. You get to know the couple a little bit more intimately, not to mention the fact that you get much more time to be creative with portraits of just the bride and groom. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Dan and Emily. Thanks, guys! 

Trish + Martin || Engagement

I will be shooting Trish and Martin's wedding this coming February in San Diego and I'm very excited to work with another fantastic couple. I love it when I'm on a shoot with a couple that I just met that day, and yet it feels like we've been friends for quite some time. Trish and Martin are on of those fun and easy going couples that makes my job a pleasure. Thanks guys... I'm stoked for your wedding!

Carlos + Angela || Wedding

I had the pleasure of helping a friend shoot part of a wedding a couple of months ago in Santa Barbara. I shot the groom’s prep as well as the first few minutes of the reception. I don’t really have any photos of the actual wedding (since I wasn’t there), but I do have a handful of images from what I did shoot that I thought I’d post.

Jennine + Eddie || Engagement

Jennine & Eddie’s engagement shoot took place on the beautiful monarch butterfly preserve just outside of Santa Barbara, CA. Just stepping out of the thin layer of woods, up a slight incline, you are met with a enormously large expanse of empty plains that end in cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s an amazing spot to walk, think, pray, enjoy a quiet walk with a friend or loved one… or, of course, have a photo shoot. I really enjoyed shooting there, and will miss that place when we’re gone.