Clare + Barak || Engagement :: Spring Hill, KS

Upon extreme coincidence it turns out that the little sister of the bride-to-be (Clare) that contacted me through was in my mom’s kindergarten class. Clare and I also graduated from the same small, private high school in Kansas City and know some of the same people. Beyond that, we live in the same small rural town south of the suburbs that is, or at least used to be, relatively uninhabited. Yes, a strange mix of coincidences, but I’m glad that they somehow worked out the way that they did, because I’m really excited to know these folks, had a great time shooting their engagement photos, and I’m stoked to be shooting their wedding this coming April!

Corinn + Jake + a belly and a baby

I had a great time shooting Corinn and Jake and their baby-to-be. These are two people that are clearly excited about their not-so-distant future of becoming parents. We roamed the countryside where I grew up in Spring Hill, KS to get these shots, and it turned out to be a beautiful night! Neville, their dog, is the most photogenic animal I have ever seen and he brought an added element of fun to the shoot. Thanks, Corinn and Jake, I had a great time hanging with you guys!

Kristen + Brandon || Engagement

When they invite you up to your apartment in the middle of a shoot and out for a beer afterwards, you know you've found the right clients! Seriously, Kristen and Brandon are two of the nicest people that I've met. I had a great time stilling around Balboa Park and the beautiful beaches of La Jolla for their engagement session, and I'm excited to be a part of their wedding next August!

Trish + Martin || Engagement

I will be shooting Trish and Martin's wedding this coming February in San Diego and I'm very excited to work with another fantastic couple. I love it when I'm on a shoot with a couple that I just met that day, and yet it feels like we've been friends for quite some time. Trish and Martin are on of those fun and easy going couples that makes my job a pleasure. Thanks guys... I'm stoked for your wedding!