Corinn + Jake + a belly and a baby

I had a great time shooting Corinn and Jake and their baby-to-be. These are two people that are clearly excited about their not-so-distant future of becoming parents. We roamed the countryside where I grew up in Spring Hill, KS to get these shots, and it turned out to be a beautiful night! Neville, their dog, is the most photogenic animal I have ever seen and he brought an added element of fun to the shoot. Thanks, Corinn and Jake, I had a great time hanging with you guys!

The Wallace Three

Two of the coolest people on earth... well, officially three as of 6/22/12. Abby and Jon have not only given us a place to lay our heads at night while we look for a place in San Diego, but they are two of our very best friends. It was an absolute blast to tromp around with them on the hillsides of Encinitas while I watched their eyes twinkle in expectation of their first baby... that also could have been remnants from the wine tasting that Jon and I participated in less than an hour before the shoot :)